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Articles on Leadership by Dennis E. Coates, PhD

Enhance the Transfer of Training
By Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D.
ASTD Infoline, October 2007
From American Society for Training & Development

Strong for Leadership - 3 Power Lists for Self-Confidence
Leading people is so challenging that you can't do it if you doubt yourself. This simple exercise will boost your self-confidence immediately.

Leadership Development Tips From an Unlikely Source - Aesop's Fables
A smart leader welcomes coaching from all directions. You never know where your next leadership insight will come from. Here's a powerful one from Aesop's Fables.

Effective Leadership Skills - Four Vital Things Every Leader Must Do
If you're in charge, you need to know that managing and leading are two different things. It takes a lot of leadership skill to get people to do their best work. All this interacting with people boils down to four basic activities.

Effective Leadership Skills - Why People Give Their Best Effort
One of the great secrets of leadership is what you want most from people is something you can't make them do: deliver their best work. Only effective leadership skills can develop, inspire, support and encourage them to do that.

Effective Leadership Skills - A Leader's Core Strength
Leading people isn't easy. It involves lots of people skills and personal strengths. Experience is the best teacher, so you never really get to the end of how skilled you can be.

Effective Leadership Skills Take Time to Ingrain
If you concentrate hard enough, you can consciously make yourself do almost anything. But in the pressure of the busy workplace, you react instinctively. Acquiring an effective leadership skill means making it a habit, and that takes a lot more application on the job than you might think.

Effective Leadership Skills - Leaders Learn Best on the Job
If you want to learn more effective leadership skills, the best books, videos, training programs and mentors can suggest what to do. But to make these skills a part of your work habits, you have to apply them in the workplace. On-the-job experience is the best teacher.

Effective Leadership Skills Also Make You Strong for Life
Good news for leaders! The people skills and personal strengths that are at the core of effective leadership also make you successful in your personal life.

Effective Leadership Skills - Learn From Experience With 5 Magic Questions
Yes, experience is the best teacher. But you don't automatically learn from mistakes. Here are 5 questions that guarantee that you will.

Top Tip For Leaders - Master One Skill at a Time
It's good to be eager to develop effective leadership skills and strengths. But the secret is being patient, being your own best trainer, and focusing on improving one area at a time.

Articles on People Skills and Personal Strengths by Meredith Bell

Why You Need to Ask for Feedback From Others
In your role as a leader, you have blind spots about how your behavior impacts others. Even though it's hard to ask for feedback, you'll learn things you could not discover any other way.

Why You Need to Give Compliments
If you don't take time to give genuine praise and positive feedback to the people who work with you, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. There are three reasons why leaders often overlook this important activity.

Acceptance - Face the Reality of Your Situation
When something unwanted happens, it doesn't help you or your team to deny the reality of the situation. This article explains why acceptance is the first step to dealing with it.

Be Accountable - Take Responsibility for Your Actions
When you've made a mistake, it's tempting to place the blame somewhere else. Discover the huge payoffs you get if you take responsibility for your actions instead.

Compassion - Show Kindness and Consideration to Others
When you're busy dealing with challenges that come up every day, it's not easy to notice the problems of others. But if you take time to reach out to someone else with warmth and caring, you make their world - and yours - a better place.

Commitment - Follow Through to Achieve Your Goals
You can get into trouble if you make a commitment without recognizing the price that needs to be paid. See if you do any of these things that can keep your from following through.

Composure - Why You Need to Control Your Emotions and Keep Your Cool
It's often hard to stay calm when you're really upset. But when you control your emotions, you're able to think clearly, keep your cool, and do what's best for you and the people who work with you.

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