What Every Manager Should Know About Leadership

In this series of 8 video segments, Meredith M. Bell, President of Performance Support Systems, interviews Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., creator of the revolutionary ProStar Coach online leadership development system.  Denny draws on his 45 years of leadership experience to deal with some enduring questions about how managers can become strong, effective leaders.

The two ebooks mentioned at the end of each video have been replaced with these must-have resources:

      • 9 Support Coaching videos and ebook
      • 10 Things Every Learner Needs to Know and Do


Part 1 - "4 Vital Things Every Leader Must Do"


Part 2 - "Why People Usually DON'T Give Their Best Effort"


Part 3 - "Leadership Skills Are NOT Enough"


Part 4 - "Leaders Learn Best ON THE JOB, Not in the Classroom"


Part 5 - "Why Leadership Habits Take Time to Ingrain"


Part 6 - "Learn from Experience with 5 Magic Questions"


Part 7 - "Why Leader Skills Are Also Life Skills"


Part 8 - "TOP TIP FOR LEADERS: Master One Skill at a Time"




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