Privacy Policy is effective as of June 28, 2013.

The following definition applies to the terms as they appear in this agreement: ProStar means ProStar Coach, the database software used in creating this service and all versions of the service, including, but not limited to Strong for Parenting, Strong for Mentoring Youth, Strong for Mentoring Athletes, Strong for Mentoring Students, Strong for Life, Strong for Achievement, Strong for Performance and ProStar Coach Enterprise.

While using ProStar, you’ll enter information related to your own self-development. So it’s important that you feel totally comfortable and reassured about the privacy of your information.

We want you to know that your privacy, confidentiality and security are protected by redundant physical, electronic and procedural safeguards, which exceed the standards, laws and regulations that assure protection.

The bottom line is that no one has access to your personal information, except for authorized technical personnel who maintain the programs that use the data to deliver the services you request. The ProStar 100% Privacy Promise, which applies to all employees, restricts the use of customer information and requires that it be held in strict confidence:

  1. We will ask for only the information that is needed to give you the services you request.
  2. Any personal information you enter will be used only to give you the services you request.
  3. We will never give, rent or sell any item of your personal information to any person, organization or web site for any purpose without your permission—not now or at any time in the future.

We carefully protect the confidentiality of your personal information using password protocols, program procedures, a state-of-the-art firewall, and encryption programs. Here is a complete list of the protections:

  1. A private, personal password created and known only to you to enable login and to prevent anyone else from accessing your account or seeing any of the information on your pages.
  2. Your password can’t be hacked or stolen because we don’t store it. Instead, we use a one-way encryption system for security.
  3. A dedicated server for all information in the ProStar database.
  4. A hardware firewall device for the ProStar database server with all non-essential ports disabled. As a result, the public Internet is denied access to the database.
  5. Restricted server access. Physical access to the server, its ports or wiring is denied, except to authorized personnel or people escorted by authorized personnel.
  6. Encryption of the transmission of personal information and other data. Also, all internet transmissions containing personal information are SSL encrypted (https).
  7. VIRUS protection and prevention programs are continuously upgraded.
  8. Power backups are in place to maintain service and protect your personal information during outages.
  9. Digital data backups are in place to safeguard your personal information at secure off-site facilities.
  10. Disaster recovery protocols are in place to protect your personal information in case of a disaster.
  11. Everywhere on ProStar, all data input is “sanitized.” This means that any executable script entered into ProStar is automatically changed to text to prevent hackers from inserting viruses or malicious programs and other database attacks.

In the highly unlikely event of any breach of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored personal data, we will make any legally-required disclosures to you via email or conspicuous posting on this site in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay, consistent with (1) the legitimate needs of law enforcement or (2) any measures necessary to determine the scope of the breach and restore the reasonable integrity of the data system.

  1. Name. Used to personalize your service and enable communication with members of your coaching network.
  2. Email address. Used to send requested services via email and to reply to questions asked by email.
  3. Password. Created by you, to enable login and prevent third-party access to your account information.
  4. Responses to ProStar exercises. Used to enable your self-directed learning and development.
  5. Messages to members of your coaching network. Used to enable your self-directed learning and development.
  6. Cookies. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer’s hard disk. The sole function of the ProStar cookie is to allow you to log in automatically, if that is your choice. We do not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information or to track usage. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You can instruct your browser, by editing its options, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit.

By using the ProStar service you consent to our processing of your information as set forth in this Privacy Policy now and as amended by us. "Processing" means using cookies on a computer or using information in any way, including, but not limited to, collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and sharing information within the strict limits of our Privacy Policy, all of which activities will take place in the United States. If you reside outside the U.S. your personally identifiable information will be transferred to the U.S., and processed and stored there under U.S. privacy standards. By visiting our site and providing information to us, you consent to such transfer to, and processing in, the US.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or our use of your personally identifiable information, please contact us at

Information Collection and Use

Our primary goals in collecting personally identifiable information are to provide you with the services made available through the ProStar site, including, but not limited, to the Service, to communicate with you, and to manage your registered user account, if you have one.

Information Collected Upon Registration. If you desire to have access to restricted sections of the Site, you will be required to become a registered user, and to submit certain personally identifiable information to ProStar. This happens in a number of instances, such as when you sign up for the service, or if you desire to receive marketing materials and information. Personally identifiable information that we may collect in such instances may include your IP address, full user name, password, email address, and other information that you decide to provide us with.

Additional Information. Your full name is displayed to the people you have included in your Coaching Network to enable you to communicate with them using the Service.